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The inspiration behind our Impression Collection stemmed from the longing to craft jewellery that embodies genuine sentiment and enduring value. Through the utilisation of a lost wax carving method, you have creative freedom in shaping the appearance of your final piece. This unique process for creating fingerprint jewellery and paw print jewellery, ensures that each fingerprint impression or paw print impression will possess unparalleled individuality, allowing you to carry a unique part of your loved one with you always.

Soul Keep - Memorial Impressions

If you have had a loved one recently pass we understand that time is of the essence so please read about Soul Keep here and we will have your impression kit sent with priority.

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  • Impression Kit
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Return post satchel (Australian orders only)
  • Silicone Mould
    We know how special your impression piece is so we want to make sure that if one is ever lost you are able to create another. Therefore, a silicone mould is included in with every impression order. This way you will be able to rest easy if you ever lose your treasure. This mould can also be used to create additional moulds for other loved ones, or for other designs if you would like a different style.
  • Initial
    The option to have an initial on the back of your impression piece - there are instructions on where to write this within the impression kit (rings excluded).
  • Beautiful Packaging

Chains sold separarately - Please choose one from here.



Mini: 9mm
Small: 12mm
Medium: 16mm
Large: 20mm(approximate as each impression taken is unique)


Classic Signet Ring: 14mm Face / 4mm Band
Elegant Signet Ring: 9mm Face / 3.5mm Band
Disc Ring: 1.5mm Band

•Write your ring size in the order notes•


Elegant Bracelet: 2mm Solid Curb Chain
Classic Bracelet: 2.8mm Solid Curb Chain


Elegant: 20mm x 8mm
Classic: 30mm x 8mm


2mm Solid Round Wire
Handmade & Organically Formed


9ct Solid Yellow Gold
9ct Solid Rose Gold
9ct Solid White Gold
.925 Sterling Silver

If you desire another metal carat then please email here prior to ordering.


You have the choice of taking an impression of one print, a double (either on the face or back-to-back) impression, or multiple impressions in any way that you desire. We recommend that if you are hoping to have three or more impressions on the same pendant to choose a medium or large size pendant.

Rings- Can not create back-to-back impressions, however they can have mulitiple on the one side


Their fingerprints are not completely defined until they are 1 year, however we have had beautiful impressions for 5 month old babies. It is completely up to the individual on whether they are looking for a memory of the tiny newborn fingerprint, or an actual defined print.

Their fingerprints may have a unique appearance with additional lines that are their 'wrinkles'



Place your order.


An impression kit will be express post to you within 1-5 business days. If you need one urgently - please contact here, and we will have one sent to you within 24 hours.


Take the impressions using our step by step instructions.


Return your impression kit with our included pre-paid express post return post mailer.


You will receive an email when we have started creating your impression. Our lead time is approximately four weeks.


You will receive a shipping confirmation email with postal tracking that your treasure is being delivered to you. 

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