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Meet the maker...

Meet the maker...


It sounds like you fell into jewellery making somewhat by happenstance. How would you describe your journey?

Having worked in the dental industry for over fifteen years, I became accustomed to using intricate handheld tools and realised I loved creating with my hands. While watching the dentists carve and shape teeth, I was inspired to create something of my own. 

Many years and a Nursing degree later, at my sister's baby shower, we were using tools to thread beads onto wire. That was when I knew – this was what I wanted to be doing. 

I bought my own pliers, beads, wire and a hand drill; set myself up in my boyfriend's shed and began creating. My desire to create grew, so I attended a half-day silversmithing course. 

Realising the limitations of carving silver, I started doing research into the lost-wax carving technique. By combining this technique with silversmithing my creative ideas became limitless.

Over time, as my hobby progressed, my collection of tools grew. I needed more space. Eventually I took over my (now) husband's office and set up the HALI MOTIF studio.

Then I fell pregnant!

Before I had even found out that I was pregnant, I designed one of my first pieces ‘The Mother Pendant’. After creating a number of designs, I built and launched my own website in December 2019. 

My very first sale was the ‘Moon Visage Pendant’ which is still one of the most loved pieces to date. 

Today, my daughter is two years old. I have a pair of three-month old twin girls and I am still lucky enough to be doing what I love. 

I am forever learning and expanding my knowledge, trialling designs, packaging and building on my studio. 

Admittedly I am a little proud…I have built this business during the little time or energy I had, all while raising my three beautiful daughters. Now I can work from home while helping to support my family.

So all I can say to anyone reading this, especially YOU Mumma - is don’t give up, YOU really can do this.

How did you refine your skills and find the confidence to sell your own creations?

Honestly, I just did it. There has been some trial and error, but there hasn’t been anything I couldn’t manage.

Tell us how the natural environment, particularly water has inspired you to make jewellery?

I have a tendency to see pictures / faces out of different textures, such as woodgrains, water, clouds etc. This is something I got from my father,  an artist. His work is absolutely incredible. He sees faces, animals and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. You can see some of his unique work Martyn Frances Art @martynfrancisart. We are actually in the process of doing a collaboration which is quite exciting!

Has your work – the style or how you handle the metal – changed since you’ve had kids?

The making process is much slower now. I wouldn’t say my style has changed too much, however I have to be mindful of creating designs with limited time. 

As much as I love my babies being this little, I am looking forward to having more time to create all the things I haven’t had the time to.

Tell us how you manage to allocate time to Hali Motif customers when you have twins and a toddler. It seems unimaginable.

I have a wonderful woman who is helping me keep my little business going while raising my little ones. I prepare orders the nights before she comes so that her time here runs as smoothly as possible. 

Luckily, my twins are quite good sleepers, so I get a few hours throughout the day to catch up, if necessary (and if I have the energy).


Has having kids made you more sentimental? Do you feel like you want to hold on to every precious moment?

Of course. I have always been very sentimental but having babies has taught me to hold on to the little memories. I think I am going to have to buy a shed one day just to store all my girls’ artwork and creations.

It’ll be interesting to see how your work changes when your children grow (which feels like it’ll never happen when they’re so little) . Do you think you will start including lines that incorporate older children? If so, how do you think it will manifest?

Oh, I cannot wait to create my children’s jewellery line, this has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. For now though, I am concentrating on raising my babies.

How do you think your art separates you from other jewellers on the market? What makes Hali Motif different?

More is more? I am not shy about creating pieces that are thick and solid so that they have a quality feel to them. And they last. I know that this is a saturated market, but I just try to keep things authentic to me, no-one is more unique than yourself, right? That, and focusing on keeping things easy for my customers and sharing the experience.

Ethical jewellery has become more prevalent recently, what inspired you to recycle metals?

I have always been passionate about sustainability and ethics. Therefore I make a conscious effort to only source materials from Australian businesses that are either recycled or biodegradable.

Zodiac signs are popular at the moment. Do you imagine the Breanna / Hali Motif version of zodiac signs might expand?

We have the zodiac pendant range already; the zodiac signet ring is in the making!

If you had time and another set of hands, what could you accomplish?

Business related - although it is organised chaos, I would love to have a day to clear out my office / studio, so everything has its own place. 

Personally – I’d do the exact same thing but to my home.

If you could choose anyone living or passed to wear your jewellery, who would it be and why?

My Nanna who passed before having the chance to see or adorn herself in my work. She LOVED jewellery and I was always fascinated by the pieces she wore.

Where do you see Hali Motif in 5 years? What would you love to be making?

I hope to have expanded my studio and to have a little team behind me. This way I will be able to focus on new creations while still having time with my young family. 

I would love to be making pieces that included gemstones.