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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order an impression piece?

Head the the main menu of our website and click on ‘impressions’, then select your desired style, size, metal and the amount of pieces you are after. Once you have placed your order an impression kit will be sent with instructions on how to capture the fingerprint or paw print impression.

Can I take an impression of my pet?

Of course! And they create beautiful impressions. Paws, claws, noses, scales, feathers… you design it how you desire.

What age can you take an impression?

At any age. Although babies prints are not fully defined until they are 1 year, however we have had beautiful impressions of babies that are only 5 months old, or whole finger impressions of babies 5 weeks old. It is completely up to the individual on whether they are looking for a memory of the fingers, or an actual defined print. When Breanna's twins were born, she created a double back-to-back impression of their tiny newborn fingers for the memory.

Can I take a double / multiple impressions on the same piece?

Yes, you are in complete control of how you take the impression. You have the choice of taking an impression of one single print, a double (back-to-back) impression, or as many impressions as you believe you can fit on the front of your chosen piece. If you are hoping to take three or more impressions I would suggest a size medium or large size.

Can I get an initial on my pendant?

You have the option to get an initial on the back of a single impression pendant. There will be instructions within the impression kit on where to write this.

Can I create numerous pieces of jewellery from the same impression?

Yes. A silicone mould is created of the preferred impression which can be used to create different pieces. If this is what you are wanting to do please write this in the order notes.

Soul Keep - Memorial Impressions

I have had someone pass away very recently, can I still get an impression made?

Yes. Time is of course of the essence in these situations so I would recommend ordering as soon as possible and emailing here with the subject line as URGENT. Therefore, we know to contact you as soon as possible so we can get the impression kit sent out to you or the funeral home right away.

I already have an impression mould of a loved one, can I use this?

Yes. A silicone mould will be taken of your original mould so it stays untouched. We can then create duplicate pieces from the silicone mould. Please write this in the notes at checkout so I know that you do not need an impression kit sent. We will then email you providing details on how to safely post your impression.

I don’t have enough time for a kit to be delivered, is there another material I can use?

We have actually worked with orthodontist or utility wax (from a dentist), or if you can find a two part putty that may work well also (you may find this at art stores).

My pieces go by a particular size/weight, so please try to make the impression no larger than the large size pendant of 2cm round.

Shipping & Processing times

How long are Impression processing times?

Once I receive the impression back from you it takes up to four weeks to process your impression. If your order is urgent we can usually prioritise your order - please email and we will place you order as urgent.

All other orders

1-10 business days. If your order is urgent, please email