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Sentimental Gift Guide

Introducing our sentimental gift guide, where timeless elegance meets heartfelt emotions. Jewellery has always held a special place in our hearts, as it has the power to encapsulate moments and memories like no other gift. In this guide, we have curated a selection of pieces that go beyond their beauty.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a milestone, or simply expressing your love, our selection will help you convey your sentiments with grace and sophistication. From personalised necklaces that carry initials, to fingerprint impressions symbolising cherished relationships, each piece in our guide is a testament to the enduring power of sentimentality.

Discover the perfect sentimental gift to express your emotions and create lasting memories with those you hold dear.

Initial pendants.

Our initial collection is of classically styled, personalised jewellery pieces. These bespoke pendants are a classic and organically shaped making them an ideal custom-made gift.

The little heart.

Created with so much love and intention for the wearer to always remember how loved they truly are.Breanna created the little heart pendant as a one-off wedding piece to wear to her wedding, creating her own ‘something new'. She wanted to create something that she could pass down to her daughter for her to wear on her special day.

What began as a keepsake of her special day and an heirloom jewel for her daughters became a heartfelt treasure offered to you. This piece is perfect for anyone that you consider a special part of your life. Suitable to be worn on your chosen necklace or bracelet.

The seed bead.

Designed with intention for each bead to represent someone or something special in your life. Simple, yet elegant. Each bead created is made to order by Breanna with intention for the wearer to hold something totally unique them.

From your baby to your grandma, to your wedding day, or any special occasion. Suitable to be worn on your chosen necklace or bracelet.

Why is this piece called the 'seed' bead?
Breanna is very sentimental so she wanted to create a design that she could wear to represent all three of her daughters. Something simple, yet elegant. Being a shape similar to a seed, she thought naming it the 'seed' bead suited the design perfectly as it represents her little 'seedlings'.

Each bead is hand carved to order, individually cast and hand polished before being sent to its special owner, therefore each piece has its own unique quality.

The lock & key.

The lock and key hold a deep symbolic meaning, representing the bond between two people. The lock symbolises security, trust, and protection, while the key represents the ability to unlock one's heart and emotions.

When given as a gift, the lock and key charms can symbolise that one person holds the key to the heart of the other, signifying a strong, unbreakable connection. It can also represent the idea that two people are meant to be together, locked in love or friendship. This type of jewellery is often given on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or as a token of love and affection. Whether it is worn every day or kept as a cherished keepsake, it holds a special place in the hearts of those who wear it, reminding them of the love and connection they share.

The mother.

The mother pendant symbolises maternity, connectivity and boundless love. This pendant’s imagery depicts the crossed-legged mother in a posture representing infinity as she cradles her infant.

Fortuitously, Breanna designed this piece while pregnant. Before receiving the beautiful news. Celebrating maternity, the pendant is a perfect gift for the mother or mother figure, the grandmother or mother-to-be.

Crescent moon.

The moons connection to the ocean and its tide is said to represent our subconscious mind and emotions. The moon is ever-changing, reminding us that all things on earth have a natural cycle. The continual passing of moon phases symbolise as a guide to our own development and personal growth.